Conflict: Desert Storm Review


Conflict: Desert Storm Review

With games like SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs on the market, there’s really no room for something as sloppy as Conflict: Desert Storm.

Conflict Desert Storm & Conflict Desert Storm 2 Review Gamecube

Time to go back to the desert!

NOTE: Any lag or frame skipping in the video is due to the capture card, not the game itself 🙂 This one should have all fixed audio, sorry for the re-upload.

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CGRundertow CONFLICT: DESERT STORM 2 BACK TO BAGHDAD for Xbox Video Game Review

Conflict: Desert Storm 2- Back to Baghdad review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Conflict: Desert Storm 2 for the original Xbox

Released in 2003, this game was developed by Pivotal Games and was published by Gotham Games. You control four squad-mates during the Gulf War, and although the squad mechanics and certain level designs are really interesting, the shooting just feels dated in an industry featuring games like Ghost Recon. Even so, this could be a lot of fun to play with a friend on the couch with you.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Conflict Desert Storm 2: Back to Baghdad for the original Xbox and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Gabe.

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Unexpectedly Scary: Conflict: Desert Storm

Scariest God Damn Games I’ve Ever Played Episode Three: Conflict Desert Storm

yes, I am indeed still alive and still very much afraid of heavy machinery. And hey, looks like I’m not playing Doctor Grant this time

but yeah, here’s the newest addition to my highly acclaimed series and I’ve also created an insanely popular twitter account to boot,
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Conflict Desert Storm Review (PS2)

This is my review of Conflict Desert Storm for the PS2 video game console.

It was published by SCi Games Ltd. developed by Pivotal Games Ltd. and released on the Playstation 2 in 2002.

It is a very fun third person tactical shooter. It is set during the Persian Gulf War.

The player takes control of a four-man squad of special forces soldiers, either in the British Armed Forces 22 SAS Regiment or the United States Army Delta Force. Each soldier in the squad has a unique specialty, such as demolitions, sniper rifles, machine guns, and assault rifles. To complete each mission successfully, the player must utilize the skills of each squad member, such as using their demolitions expert to destroy bridges, their heavy weapons specialist to destroy tanks, etc. Prior to beginning a campaign, the player can run through the basic training portion of the game, which will cover the use of weapons, as well being trained in the use of artillery and airstrikes, along with basic medical skills and squad maneuvers. The game includes a player-controllable Humvee and M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The multiplayer allows players to complete the campaign cooperatively. The PlayStation 2 version allows for 2-player co-op while the Xbox and GameCube versions allow for 2-4 player co-op. The Windows version does not support co-op.