NBA Live 2003 Review


NBA Live 2003 Review

NBA Live 2003 isn’t much of a simulation, but it’s still an incredibly fun game that should appeal to a wider spectrum of basketball fans.

NBA Live 2004 review

We’ve got another classic video game review in NBA Live 2004. It was at the peak of the NBA Live franchise at the time and is as fun as its predecessor.

Trailer footage and music by EA Sports and Vince Carter highlights courtesy of the NBA and their respective broadcasters. Dawson’s Creek and The Office footage courtesy of WB11 (The CW) and NBC respectively

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PS2 NBA Live 2004 trailer:
2003 Vince Carter rare NBA Live 2004 footage EA Sports:
Dawson’s Crying Face:
EA Sports intro:
NBA Live 2004 PC Intro Marv Albert and Mike Fratello bloopers:


NBA Live 2003 [PS2] (Gameplay I)

NBA Live 2003 Play Now gameplay with New Jersey Nets versus Los Angles Lakers.

Note: There might be some static audio noise on blank screens and some interlacing at times.

Game is running on original PlayStation 2 (SCPH-39003), with the AV Multi-Out outputting SCART (RGB) video and (mono) audio to my CRT television (Sony 14” KV-14T1D Trinitron) and soldered S-Video socket from AV Multi-Out outputting to my capture card with (mono) audio (Gembird, UVG-002 – Chipset UTV007).

Recorded using OBS Studio software.

Date played and recorded:
2020-02-07 01-36-10

NBA Live 2003 – Retro Commercial _ Trailer – 2002 EA Sports

WHO WILL BE CLUTCH!?? – NBA LIVE 2003 | #ThrowbackThursday ft. Juice

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