New Splinter Cell Has A Halo Infinite-Like Open World – Report


New Splinter Cell Has A Halo Infinite-Like Open World – Report

The new Splinter Cell game is reportedly "Similar to how Halo Infinite has done its Open World."

NEW Splinter Cell Confirmed to be in Early Development!

In this video I go over the newly released details that a New Main Entry into the Splinter Cell Franchise has been green lit by Ubisoft and is in early development! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to smash that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more great content!
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A new open-world Splinter Cell game is rumoured to be in early development

BANG previously reported that a Splinter Cell game may be in development, and further information has come out that seemingly confirms our report.
Insider Tom Henderson confirmed that a Splinter Cell game is in early development at Ubisoft and is apparently an open-world title.
The news was announced via twitter, comparing the upcoming title to Assassin’s Creed & Halo Infinite.
“Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell game that is in early development is currently scoped as a… You guessed it… Open World of sorts.
“A more stealthy version of Assassin’s Creed”
“Similar to how Halo Infinite has done its Open World”,”
Fans are having mixed reactions to the news, feeling that Assassin’s Creed but stealthy is not the right call for a Splinter Cell game.
Die-hard fans of the Splinter Cell series feel that the game works better without open world, allowing for linear stealth on smaller scales, allowing for greater degrees of flexibility in how the player approaches the level.
Ubisoft have been on a bit of an open world spree lately, releasing a plethora of open world games, which has fans divided.
What would you like to see from a new Splinter Cell title?

Will a New Splinter Cell Game Be Open World?

New Splinter Cell Open World Coming?

A new splinter cell gaming is apparently on the way? We’re breaking down the latest news and rumors about Sam Fisher making his return.
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